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Slideshow and vocals by Bob DiCaprio

Thank you Bob!

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45 year reunion 2015 committee

Bob DiCaprio       Deb Calandra             Karen Facciolo      Deb Nash      Dennis Parrish   Deb Pugliese  Denise DeSimone

Main Event at Lake Delta Inn Saturday night August 15

Pictures 1R thru 84R thanks to Rick Nasci

1R                                                Leo and Patty Boulerice

2R                                                                  Debbie Nash

3R                                                                   Marty and Sharon Lachut

4R                                                             Ed Jones and Paul Andrews

5R                                               Jim Czerski and Cindy Panera

6R                                                                   Tony Lucci

7R                                                                                                 Larry Vergalito

8R                                                            Dave Cidzik and spouse

9R                                            Chuck Halpin and Diane Halpin

10R                                                        Mary Iozzo and Rich Worlock

11R                                               Barbara Flaver and Phyliss Cianchetti

12R     Ron Wetmore    Michael Wells                          Mary Strange  Angela Bonavita

13R                                   Rosemary Smith             Ron Wetmore                         Michael Wells

14R                                             Debbie Nash and Sam Famolaro

15R                          Karen Facciolo and Debbie Pugliese

16R                                                   Larry Kalk and Denise DeSimone

17R                                                        Patty and Leo Boulerice

18R                                      Ken De Vincenzo      Mike D'Antonio

1                           Sharon Puma                             Frank Puma

20R                                                           Jo Anne Rosato and Frank George

21R                                                            Laraine Migliori

22R                                 Patty Boulerice - Leo Boulerice - Terry Nasci

23R                            Alan Spindler

24R                  Pam Flack - Janet Yost - Nancy Race - Terry McMaster - Linda Rossi

25R                                                                                               Julian LoRusso

26R                                                                     Eileen Hoag

27R                                                           Leo Angelicola and Nick Nardozza

28R                                             Joanne Dandino    -  Rozanne Angelicola

29R           June Spink - Karen Mudge - Martha Gifford - Sue Hatch

30R                            Crystal Heisler                     Tom Barry

31R                                        Debbie Calandra - Debbie Martin - Priscilla Putnam

32R                                              Bob DiCaprio and Debbie Calnadra

33R                                                          Janine Bartolotti

34R                      Suzanne Amato - Jim Melnick

                        Maria and Dennis Parrish - Phil Domenico - Mike and Suzanne Amato

35R                                                       Tony Lucci  - Vito Piemonte

36R                                                   Don Darling  - Paul Panara

37R                                        Terry Nasci                             Patty Boulerice

39R                                     Phil Domenico - Karen Facciolo

40R           Karen Facciolo                                                                         June Spink

41R                                                                     Ray Martinez    June Tietze

42R                                               Bob Eitches

43R                             Debbie Pugliese - Karen Facciolo - Debbie Nash

44R                                  Laraine Migliori - John Mastrangelo

45R                              Frank George - Jo Anne Rosato - Roseann Seccurra

46R  Julian LoRusso - Eileen Hoag        -         Bob Dremluk                             - Don Darling

47R                                       Barb Flaver - Rosemary "Smitty" Smith - Mary Strange

48R                                 Joanne Dandino - Crystal Heisler - Saneen Armstrong

49R                                     Priscilla Putnam    -  Crystal Heisler

50R                                 Rosemary Smith - Crystal Heisler - Janine Bartolotti

51R                                              Phil Domenico

52R                                                              Phil Domenico

53R                                Debbie Pugliese - Karen Facciolo - Debbie Nash

54R                                                               Denise DeSimone  -   Larry Kalk

55R                                                                               Terry Nasci

56R                         Leo Boulerice                Patty Boulerice                   Terry Nasci

57R                                                                                                  Denise DeSimone and Larry Kalk

58R                                          Joanne Dandino - Saneen Armstrong

59R                            Saneen Armstrong        -          Leo Angelicola

60R                                           Leo Boulerice   -  Patty Boulerice   - Terry Nasci

61R                                       Patty Boulerice                                                   Terry Nasci

62R                                                 Patty Boulerice - Terry Nasci

63R  Denise DeSimone - Karen Facciolo - Joanne Dandino - Saneen Armstrong - Debbie Pugliese

64R                                  Karen Facciolo - Saneen Armstrong - Debbie Pugliese

65R                               Saneen Armstrong    -   Debbie Pugliese

66R                                           Karen Facciolo - Jo Anne Rosato

67R                                                            Terry Nasci - Vito Piemonte

68R                                                Jo Anne Rosato   -   Frank George

69R                                          Roseanne Seccurra   -  John Mastrangelo

70R                                      Crystal Heisler  - Tom Barry


72R             Peggy Lucci                   Joan Serino

73R                                    Saneen Armstrong             Terry Nasci                            Mary Strange

74R       Saneen Armstrong             Terry Nasci                                          Mary Strange

75R                                                              RFA party ladies

76R                                                                            Terry Nasci

77R                             Joan Serino

78R                                                                  Saneen Armstrong

79R            Saneen Armstrong - Phil Domenico - Joan Serino        Barb Flaver            Debbie Nash

80R                             Saneen Armstrong                           Barb  Flaver                     Mary Strange

81R                                                              celebrating!

82R                                                   bringing the roof down !

83R                                                Jo Anne Rosato              Barb Younglove     Ken De Vincenzo

84R            Sandy Markham    Carla Jimenez    Wendy Caswell     Sue Crossman

Pictures 85R thru 107R thanks to Jo Anne Rosato

85R                                              Jo Anne Rosato           Linda Rossi

86R                                        Steve DeMinco             Dave Cidzik

87R                                      Wendy Caswell                            Terry McMasters

88R                                             Barb Younglove                 Ken De Vincenzo

89R                          Jo Anne Rosato                                                 Pamela Flack

90R                                 Rosemary Smith                      Vito Piemonte

91R                                  Mike D'Antonio                    Jo Anne Rosato

92R                                     Pamela Flack               Rob Tracy                    Helen Brown

93R                                              Crystal Heisler      Karen Facciolo

94R                                                                 Michael Wells                        Don Darling

95R                                               Leo Boulerice                 Patty Boulerice

96R                                                     Bob DiCaprio      Mike Amato

97R                                    Jo Anne Rosato                 Jim Melnick

98R    Barb Flaver  John Mastrangelo   Jo Anne Rosato  Phyliss Cianchetti   Rosemary Smith

99R                                           Robert Dremluk                      Jan Tietze

100R                                    Julian LoRusso     Jo Anne Rosato

101R     Maria Parrish    Pat Covelesky   Dennis Parrish     Rosemary Smith   Phyliss Cianchetti

1022                                     Jo Anne Rosato             Gail Sitrin

103R                        Alan Spindler    Jo Anne Rosato   June Spink         Karen Mudge

104R               Eileen Hoag          Joanne Dandino                Denise DeSimone

105R                                             Jane Fahy      Joseph Commisso

106R                Frank George    Roseanne Seccurra   Jo Anne Rosato   John Mastrangelo
107R                           Angela Bonavita   Jo Anne Rosato    Roseanne Seccurra

Pictures 108R thru 127R thanks to Debbie Nash

108R            Debbie Nash    Saneen Armstrong

109R                 Karen Facciolo

110R        Debbie Nask               Sam Famolaro

111R    Debbie Nash   Rozanne Angelicola

112R  Joanne Dandino  Deb Nash  Eileen Hoag  Leo Angelicola  Pat Covelesky

113R  Joanne Dandino  Rozanne Angelicola  Eileen Hoag  Leo Angelicola  Pat Covelesky

114R            Barb Flaver       Phyliss Cianchetti


116R                  Debbie Martin

117R     Maria and Dennis Parrish   Rick Nasci

118R    Rosemary Smith     Barbara Flaver

119R   Debbie Pugliese            Chuck Halpin

120R                       Maria and Dennis Parrish

121R  Barbara Younglove   Phil Domenico   Joan Serino

122R                                              Barbara Flaver

123R         Terry and Rick Nasci

Happy Hour at Legends Friday night August 14
Pictures 1L thru 38L thanks to Rick Nasci

3L                                                                                 Gail Mariano
5L                                                             Rick Nasci
6L                                          Mary Strange
7L                                                  Debbie Pugliese and Foster Spadafora
8L                                             Vito Piemonte and Tony Lucci
9L                                                                 Larry Kalk
10L                                                   Bob Dremluk and Janet Yost

11L                                                         Dave Sezna and Rich Salerno

12L                                                          Peggy Lucci

13L                                                    Jo Anne Rosato George and Frank George

14L                                                           Debbie Pugliese and Dennis Parrish

15L                                                       Debbie Nash and Sam Famolaro

16L                                                                  Saneen Armstrong

17L                                             Cathy Crossman   Bev Martin  Susan Crossman

18L                                                          Ray Martinez

19L                                                      Ray Martinez and Jan Tietze Martinez

20L                                                            Denise DeSimone

21L                                                         Ron Wetmore and Mike Wells

22L                                                        Joan Serino

23L                                            John McMahon                        Leo Angelicola

24L                                                                      Debbie Martin

25L                                                                            Dave Young

26L                                                                        and Pete Morris

27L                                        Eileen McIlvenna  and Joan Serino

28L                                                      Vito Piemonte

29L                                            Tony Mariano and Dave Sezna

30L                                                                  Helen Brown

31L                                                      Ken De Vincenzo and Barbara Younglove

32L                                                       Maria and Dennis Parrish

33L                                                     Martin Lachut

34L                                                               Phil Domenico

35L                                                  Foster Spadafora

36L                                                      Foster Spadafora

37L                                                             Chuck Halpin

38L                                                  Maria and Dennis Parrish

Pictures 39L thru 50L thanks to JoAnne Rosato
39L                                            Jo Anne Rosato        Tony Mariano

40L                             Angela Bonavita                          Jo Anne Rosato

41L                                                             Bill Stangel

42L                               Stephen DeMinco                                 Jim Czerski

43L                                                                    Paul Panara

44L                                              Deb Nash                                 Sam Famolaro

45L                                                           Bob Dremluk

46L                                           Debbie Calandra                     Bob DiCaprio

47L                          Carl                                                     Pat Covelesky
48L                                                                   Rich Salerno

49L                                                                 Pat Francescone

50L                  Jo Anne Rosato                                          Ellen Barry

Pictures 51L thru 53L thanks to Debbie Nash

51L   Rozanne Angelicola         Debbie Nash                  Leo Angelicola

52L   Pat Covelesky                Dennis Parrish                    Debbie Nash

53L  Eileen Hoag  Saneen Armstrong  Joanne Dandino  Debbie Nash

 Brunch at The Beeches Sunday August 16
Pictures 1b thru 5b thanks to Debbie Nash

1b      Maria Parrish         Sam Famolaro

2b  Debbie Calandra   Bob DiCaprio   Maria Parrish    Dennis Parrish

3b  Karen Facciolo  Debbie Calandra  Bob DiCaprio  Maria Parrish

4b               Bob Eitches

5b           Barb Younglove     Ken DeVincenzo   Paul Andrews

Bowling at KingPin Lanes Sunday August 16

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