40 year reunion
12 North Sports Bar Complex August 7, 2010

As a result of a huge turnout, with many bringing their digital cameras, there are literally hundreds of pictures from RFA's 40 year reunion.

memories of love from the RFA 40-year reunion

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Below are many of the emails that followed the 40-year reunion - what a weekend !!

Aug 15 2010 - Joan Serino
HI Dennis,
Thank you and I am glad to be apart of it. I am in Rome, NY and also can be found in the RFA yearbook. Just listened to my CD - very cool.  As far as the  reunion - beautiful girls and handsome men-bittersweet- sweet hellos and bitter to have it end so soon.  I think the idea of sharing a 40 + years of life  story makes for a novel or epic length narative unless you have a specific moment in time.  But a short bio on people might be a nice option to do for future gatherings - and/or open mike for shout outs. Anyway love to all, Joan Serino

Aug 14 2010 - Susan Spadafora
I just returned to Minnesota this afternoon and am trying to get through all of the emails.....what a fabulous time we all had and I will never forget it.  Thank you to all that made it happen...you did such a great job....it's all emotionally overwhelming at the moment and will take a few days to adjust to the re-entry to reality.  I'll be sending Dennis the pictures from my camera.
xxoo Susan

Aug 13 2010 - Robert Cianfrocco
Thanks Dennis for all your hard work. We shouldn't wait another 10 years to get together.

Aug 13 2010 - Debbie Nash
Awww, so sweet JoAnn! I know, who quickly it went by. I just got up from a nap...I haven't caught up on my rest since last weekend. LOL! Judi and I were up at 6 and to bed each night at like 1 or 2...so I don't know about her, but I'm still tired! LOL! It was such a great time

Aug 13 2010 - JoAnn Dandino
Hello All!
First a big thank you to everyone that made last weekend so memorable. It is a time I will not soon forget.
Second, just last week at this time we were at Buckey's acting and feeling 18 again. As I was driving home from work this evening I was feeling every bit the 58 years that I am!! What is wrong with this picture?? I'm thinking I need more Buckey times!
It was a 9 hour drive from Virginia to New York, but it was worth every second in that car!! I am so glad I am a member of the RFA class of 1970!!
Love to all.

Aug 12 2010 - Rick Nasci
Hi Gang!
I’ve read through all the comments on the weekend and it’s obvious that everything was a smashing success. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, talked to so many people but realized I missed talking to many others. I guess there’s only so much ground you can cover in that short of a time. I saw people I didn’t expect to see. And I did not notice and clique stuff going on. I think it’s more a function of running into someone and talking to them at length until someone taps you on the shoulder and you start again. That’s how it went for me and I cherished every minute I got to spend talking to people. Everyone was wonderful. It’s amazing what a little thought association can do to carry a conversation along. The memories just flood back and now we are making new memories. I am so happy to be moving back and will be able to see more of you so much easier and more often. We all have many friends from “the day” but they would be close for a period (grammar school. Jr high, hi school) and then you wouldn’t have contact with them. We all moved through friends as we grew and our interests realigned. To see the grammar school pals, the jr high pals, and the hs pals…it all brought back different memories of different ages and it was amazing to re-fire the brain cells from different periods of our lives. I’m sure you all felt the same when you met up with different people.
And a BIG thank you to Joanne, Karen, All The Debs, Phil, Dennis, et al, sorry if I left anyone out. You all toiled hard on all this and it really showed, thank you for putting in the time and caring so that it would be just as good as it could have been.
Sorry I missed Bucky’s but Mom’s 86th birthday kind of trumped that one for me, as I always say, timing is everything but I certainly couldn’t/wouldn’t pass up a chance to celebrate dear Mom! I’m sure you all understand that.
Now if I can just find out who butt-dialed my cell about 10 times that night from Bucky’s!
Bowling was great, we all had fun. Saneen is as athletic as ever and a very good bowler. And a great student! It was a lot of fun. The laughter was infectious, the hugs sincere, the remembrance of the past…priceless.
So every one gets back to their lives but I think some good contacts were made for the future for people to get together before 5 years pass again.
For me, I’ll be balls-to-the-wall busy getting ready to move. My house closes on 8/23 and I’ll be there briefly for that and then expect to be in-residence sometime mid-September.
Take care everyone!

Aug 11 2010 - Elizabeth Rocco
I have just finished reading all of the e-mails describing the weekend.  It sounds like there were a lot of fun things going on.  I hope that the next time I will be able to participate in more of the activities.  
I wondered about what Phil said as well, regarding the cliques.  I don't know if I noticed that as much as I did in school.  I suppose that people naturally gravitate toward the people that they have a history with.  It was nice to actually meet people for the first time after 40 years.  The RCR definitely contributed to forming new relationships.   
I wanted to ask Karen and Joanne about the donation to Hospice.  I don't know if I missed something but did we collect donations for the charity?  I thought we were going to sell 50/50 raffle tickets.  Just curious.  Also, for the people that made the baskets, I am sure that everyone was disappointed that nothing came of it.  I think it was an example of how information can be miscommunicated via e-mail.  Initially, when the basket idea was brought up, I volunteered to keep a list of names of people who wanted to donate one and then forward it on to Joanne and Karen.  I believed that was my part in it and it ended there.  If there was supposed to be more to it, I apologize that I was not aware of it.  I hope that the baskets that were made went to a worthy cause.  Everyone did a beautiful job on them.  The next time we will plan better in that regard.  
Dennis mentioned the dancing.  I personally love to dance and had so much fun on the dance floor.  The opportunity to dance doesn't present itself often enough, except with my grandsons to some good old Farmer In The Dell or Hokey Pokey!   :-) 
I think we will continue to have reunion conversations as memories keep popping into our heads.  It was a great night! 

Aug 11 2010 - Saneen Armstrong
Again I want to thank everyone.  The reunion, the website, the bowling shirts, the pictures, the cd and I could just go on and on. I don't know if everyone received my first email the night I got home because it was late and my computer was acting up, but I had such a blast.  I can't wait for the next 5 years.  Seeing Deb Nash, Susan, Joanie, Judi, Ernie.......  I could go on and on.  It was so special to me, beyond words.

Aug 11 2010 - Saneen Armstrong
Dennis, I had so much fun this weekend.  I really didn't want it to end.  I was very emotional when I was coming home.  I love you guys.  I can't wait for 5 years to come again.  Thank you so much for coming bowling with me.  I had a blast.  I feel like we all connected in a very real way.
Thank you again for forming this website.  It truly was the beginning of pulling us together.
Yes, I remember this email and Deb and I did connect and then we lost each other again, but never again.  Saneen

Aug 11 2010 - Elizabeth Rocco
I just listened to the CD this morning on my way into work.  I loved it!  It brought back so many memories.  What ever happened to great music??? 
Thank you to everyone that created the CD.  I was wondering who did it.  I told my husband that he could listen to it after I have heard it a few more times.  I know that he will enjoy it too.  
So many great moments at the reunion.  Everyone else pretty much summed them all up, but I have to agree with all the feelings that were being shared in that room and at Lake Delta.  I have been telling everyone what a wonderful time that we all had and I can't wait to do it again.  I think that mini reunions in the interim are the way to go.  Let us all put our heads together to keep the group alive and think of some activities that we can do together.  
I can't wait to print the group photo.  It is amazing Deb that you were able to get everyone to pose!  You are a great photographer! 
See you all soon, I hope.

Aug 11 2010 - Valerie Catalano
Good Morning, Everyone......
I feel the same way as you Dennis and Debbie, (just as you write in these emails)........it was a wonderful weekend.....I'm just sorry that I wasn't able to make Bucky's or the bowling alley........but, next time I will be at everything....
And, Deb H. - YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB WITH THE PICTURES.....Thank you so very much for being so talented, too.  You are a very, very special classmate/person.  We all appreciate all of the work that you have done and getting the pictures out so quickly.  I really enjoyed looking at them first thing this morning getting into work.  And, say "hi" to your husband, too.  I'm so glad I got to meet him.
And, Karen, I just love the CD......that was such a good idea......It will be with me forever and forever........
I don't want to miss anyone who helped out so much, so THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day!  Miss you.....  - Val

Aug 11 2010 - Debbie Nash
I know how you feel Dennis...I miss everybody too. I have been very emotional this past week and still am. It will take some time for that to fade...it was just so nice seeing everybody and sad knowing that you can't hang with them on a regular basis. For me, Saneen and Ernie and Judi who were such important people in my life back in the day. Elizabeth too...she was my on and off again best friend at DeWitt. It was just so good and so sad all at the same time. So, I know how you are feeling Den. At least we have more to look forward to, perhaps annual get togethers for those who are within driving distance and want to hang out for a weekend. I know we are all be so grateful that Karen and Joanne have plugged along all these years making it possible for us to reconnect. Definitely we owe alot you to Dennis. I feel if not for the RCR this reunion would not have been such a memorable one. The RCR has brought all together so that the tireless efforts of Karen and Joanne culminated in bringing about the most attended reunion ever. I personally am very grateful.

Aug 11 2010 - Dennis Parrish
Thanks for that reminder Joanne.

Geez, I certainly neglected to mention Debbie Pugliese and Judi Morreale in my “thank you” email earlier !!  Judi is my lifetime buddy and she used to keep me in check when I was 12 and getting in trouble back in the day.  Judi, you did so much from a distance !!  The bowling shirts, and those Dennis Revere wine bottles…… too much !!!  They’ll last until the next reunion.  I saw you called me Monday night – I’ll call you this week.
And Debbie, thank you so much for your hard work too. The labels on the CDs help make it a keepsake that I’ll take to my grave.  Those labels were such a great idea! I listened to the CD all the way through repeatedly on my 5-hour drive home, loving it and thinking of all of you!  Karen, the songs are great and please thank your son as well for his help.
And speaking of that CD, wasn’t it awesome to have it blasting away during the bowling?!!!  Since I was bowling on lane 12, I had the extra pleasure of listening to Ernie singing along with some of the songs.  Ernie, lemme tell ya buddy…. If you lived near me, you and I would venture in some serious recording here.  You have a great voice that should be shared!
Dog gone it, I miss you all…… still going through reunion withdrawal…… missing Roman accents……

Aug 10 2010 - Cindy Carmody
Thanks for all your help with the reunion. The website is awesome.  I still live in Rome... Cindy

Aug 10 2010 - Jules LoRusso
Dear 1970 RFA grads, Just wanted you all to know I had a blast at the reunion.  We are blessed to have such a great class.  Look forward to keeping in touch, and the next reunion.   Thanks also to our organizers who made this all possible.  Cheers  Jules LoRusso

Aug 10 2010 - Debbie Nash
Yes Steve, I could tell you were having a good time and were very happy to be there...we all were.
We're planning on a 45th. See you then!

Aug 10 2010 - Steve Miroy
It was good to see everybody again. I'm not sure I can wait until the 50th! I'll have to find another excuse to visit Rome, perhaps for no good reason at all.  Steve Miroy

Aug 10 2010 - Debbie Pugliese
  It was wonderful meeting you in person.   I knew you were a sincere and kind man not only because you started the RCR but by your written words as well.  It  was only confirmed when I was able to meet you. It surely was a memorable event.   Getting the group together on the website not only rekindled relationships but created new ones as well.   Thats why when we finally did get connect with old friends, it had more meaning.   I am so glad that people feel the same about keeping these friendships active.  At this point in our lives we are all past the drama of trying to impress our peers along with seeing what we can accomplish in our own  life.  40 years is  a long time and we all have endured happiness along with hardships.  We can identify and relate and to each other.   Most of all we can be good listeners.   Top that off with laughter and we have the world in our hands. Have a wonderful week and thank you again.     Debbie

Aug 10 2010 - Chuck Halpin
What a great reunion!  Thanks to all who helped put this amazing weekend in place.  It was so good to chat and discover what many of you have been doing the past 40 years.  Hanging around Bucky's on Friday night and shooting the bull with so many old friends was awesome.  Deeply saddened by the memorial.... Glad to see so many from out of town.  I missed the mud wrestling - does anyone have a video of it they can post on our site?

Aug 10 2010 - Valerie Catalano
Hi Saneen and everyone, again........
I know what you mean, Saneen, because I'm getting teary-eyed just reading your email.
It was a great surprise running into you the morning you checked out.  Your husband seems like such a nice guy........I'm so glad that he was able to come, too....
Love to all,

Aug 10 2010 - Valerie Catalano
Good Morning, Everyone.....
And, Karen and Joanne and Phil and Dennis and Debbie and EVERYONE who made this reunion happen - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH...........Life is good especially when you can spend it with our 70's reunion
Karen - do you know if our group picture is going to be in the paper?????
Have a great day, everyone!!!!!!
 - Val

Aug 10 2010 - Dennis Parrish
This reunion weekend truly was and will remain one of the most memorable events of my life.  I knew before coming that it would be fun, but had no idea just how great a weekend it would be.  Since I never made it to RFA, I loved seeing the people I knew well from Staley, Columbus, and Bell Road. But as an added bonus, finally meeting up with so many of you that I didn’t know or hang with back in the day, was the icing on the cake !!  I did not want the weekend to end.
My heart was warmed when you made me an honorary graduate of RFA’s 1970 class.  I heard someone yell “speech” after Karen placed the cap on, but I would not have been able to speak without breaking down.  I was caught by surprise with all that and quite choked up.

I was thanked by so many of you regarding the RCR website, but the real legwork lies with Joanne and Karen.  What they did in preparation and classmate finding takes much more energy and effort than me sitting still here editing a website.
I was glad that so many of us resorted to dancing at this reunion, especially since I had heard there was almost no dancing at the 35 year.  Many thanks to Dr. Phil for keeping the vibe and pulse going with the music!  Dancing keeps us young !!  It was an extra treat to continue dancing to Vinnie’s music at the Delta Inn.  And I must add that the ride from 12 North to the Delta Inn was most enjoyable with Karen and Debbie.  I could listen to you both for hours!  Maybe you two could make a CD of conversation for me….. I’d be curious to play it in my car to see if the windshield fogs up again.  ha ha

Bowling !!!!  Wow, was that fun or what ?!!!  I had planned on attending just to watch, but I know that bowling will need to become a permanent part of any future RFA weekend, thanks HUGE to Saneen !!  I can still hear you laughing dear!
I have to say too, that I was so happy to hear and read that some RCR people repaired their relationships with each other.  We are family, yes we are, and that is forever !!
I look forward to the 45 year reunion and more graduates joining RCR online.  Keep spreading the word!
I know it would be difficult for the out-of-towners, but I really believe a smaller scale annual event is not only feasible, but desirable.  I’m talking about something like a happy hour at Bucky’s -  nothing too complicated, just a chance to get together to laugh, reminisce, and check out Karen’s heels. (smirk) The date could be set way in advance so people mark their calendars, etc.  I’m 5 hours away from
Rome, but I will certainly be there.
I love you all !!!  Thank you for being part of my life !!  I have a lot of RCR email catching up to do this week, and want to thank some of you individually.

Aug 10 2010 - Joanne Rosato
when someone asked about the cd, I said Karen and her son did it.. they recorded it all,. I failed to mention that Deb Pugliese did the labels with help from a friend and all to put it together.... she also did a lot of leg work for gifts and stuff. She knew I wasn't able to do it and helped Karen with so much. So, a big thank you to her and mea culpa !!!!!!!!

Aug 10 2010 - Debbie Nash
Amazingly written as usual Dr. Phil. 
Yes, I agree it was a very emotional weekend. Saying goodbye was hard, looking at all my classmates and wondering why we didn't connect like that in high school...very emotionally draining. When I went to work on Monday I looked like I had been out on a drunken binge the night before. So tired and still am, but I think more emotionally drained than anything else. 
I would be happy to organize the silent auction for next reunion. I am sure Judi would be my partner in doing so. Judi is a special person, as many of you learned this past weekend. She's one in a million. I was able to spend three days with her, day and night, and I could spend the rest of my life with her...she's amazing. 
As Phil said, we buried the hatchett and vowed to never let it happen again. For that I am grateful. Life is too short and everybody is worthy of love and respect. I didn't get to talk to Gloria alot, but she seems to be a very friendly and fun person. It was all good. 
Karen, Joanne, and Deb H., I have offered to be involved in the planning and the work of organizing the reunion. So once again, let me say I am willing to do whatever to help; just let me know. Let's make the next one even better girls, if that is possible! 
Love to all!
Deb Nash

Aug 9 2010 - Peter Kunkel
The credit for the music CDs does not go to me but to Phil Domenico I think. A labor of love. Thanks. I did put the small slide show together using materials stolen from RCR website and the yearbook. Anyone interested,  I can send you a copy of it that plays on any DVD player and does not require a computer or software. I would like to hold off just a little and see if I can't get some photos from this reunion and add them at the end Just send me your address via email. Please, do give me a little time as I have to make copies one at a time.
It was wonderful to see you all after forty years absence.

Aug 9 2010 - Saneen Armstrong
Hello everyone.  I just walked into my door from the airport.
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone from the bottom of my heart who played a part in this reunion from Karen, Joanne, Deb, Phil and Dennis for our beautiful website and anyone else that had a part in putting this event together.  I believe connecting through the RCR group really made us closer this weekend before we even got there.
I had the best time of my life.  I laughed so hard all weekend that my jaws hurt.  lol!!
Seriously though, I really love you guys and I'm just not saying that without truly meaning it.  I talked all the way home to my husband about how much I really love you guys and what you all mean to me.  I am sitting hear crying as I am writing this.  You can make friends when you are older but there is nothing like the childhood friends that you grew up with.  I just didn't know that I would feel this deeply after leaving you all.  I miss you all already. 
Thank you, thank you and thank you for memories that I will never forget.  AND THANK YOU FOR COMING BOWLING WITH ME.  I HAD A BLAST!!!!!  Rick you are an awesome bowler and thanks for the pointers.
Love to all of you.  Talk to you soon.

Aug 11 2010 - Dennis Parrish
I’m still catching up with emails, Phil.  I’m missing everyone and savoring the memories of the weekend.  Thanks for writing this below and I look so forward to seeing you and Gloria August 21 in the big apple.  I wish all of RCR could be there.  It was great hanging out and being surrounded by four Ed McMahons  – you guys set me up for much of my arsenal of one liners!!  Ha ha
Much love  Dennis

Aug 9 2010 - Phil Domenico
I want to personally thank you all for making this a most memorable reunion.
From Joanne to Karen, Dennis, Deb H, Judi.
To all who participated, I bow to you.
And, to all who showed up, thank you.
Hope you had a good time.
I was so happy to see so many good folks and old friends. 
The awards were handed out to those who did the most, and all of us got that special CD from Karen.
A number of special gifts came to me as well, and I thank you for the love (Judi! Judi! Judi!).
I wore my "Dr. Phil 1970" bowling shirt to King Pin Lanes on Sunday, and had a blast.
Unfortunately, my bowling average hasn't changed a pin in 40 years.
My bottle of "Dennis Revere" red wine won't be opened until Dennis comes to visit.
We're going to see his daughter Krista play in NYC on August 21st. 
A very special gift came to me from Peter Gallichio.
On his 8th birthday in 1960, I drew a birthday card for him.
The cartoon inside was very primitive, and the words made little sense.
But his mother held onto it for 50 years, and now it's a masterpiece. 
Admittedly, there were moments at Bucky's that were tough.
Deb Nash was as anxious as I to get over our past and move forward together.
Meanwhile, we mingled with the same folks, danced side by side, bowled, and shared an amazing weekend.
Finally it was too much, and we got a few hugs in there.
I think Joe M. said it right: "Phil, you gotta know how to be sincere with your apologies".
I also made peace with a few others for things that happened over a decade ago.
Don't know about you, but I'm beat up from all this.
This deep emotional stuff is draining...not to mention sore muscles from bowling. 
Dennis Parrish, Susan Spadafora, Patty Barber, and myself were the four Romanteers this weekend.
Gloria was with us much of the time, but she's an early nighter.
When the dust settled each night, there were the 4 of us.
We hiked Pixley Falls and the Pine Bogs out on West Thomas.
We walked the old neighborhoods in Far East Rome, including Riverdale and Gansevoort Ave.
We visited Bucky Giardino at his store and checked out his old photos.
We banged on Laverne Turner's and Cleo Valentine's door, trying to stir things up, but neither answered.
We walked through the Revere dump and parking lot - our playing grounds as kids.
We hung out at Susan's mother house with Saneen and husband, Foster and Susan's brothers.
We hung out at my sister Anita's on Sunday after bowling, eating great italian food, drinking red wine and Mojitas.
Dennis opened his bottle of "Dennis Revere" for the occasion.
It was dark by the time Glo and I pulled away to drive home.
We were inseparable. 
I wonder. Did everyone fall back into their respective cliques, even after all these years?
It kind of looked that way to me, but I'm not an expert on who knows who.
The guys I used to hang with are either dead or MIA (though I saw Dave Castor at Bucky's Friday night).
That may have been fortunate in one sense, cuz I got to hang with new folks this time.
Let me tell you: Dennis is hilarious...but not for Saneen's ears.
Susan and Patty are real troopers, and lovely people.
We just couldn't stop laughing all weekend. 
My only regret is that we didn't hold the silent auction, or maybe held it too silently.
We'll have to put our collective heads together to do it right next time.
Anybody want to be on the Giving Committee? 
Let's do it again in 5.
Much love,

Aug 9 2010 - Debbie Nash
No Karen, thank you and Joanne and Deb for all your hard work. You guys are awesome and I am sure we can't thank you enough for all you have done through the years to bring this class together. Next one will be even better. Can't wait for 2015!

Aug 9 2010 - Karen Facciolo
I woke up today and I have no voice, I know I had one before I went to bed last night ! I am convinced my family and other friends have prayed for this moment to happen. They all have had to put up with me for months talking about the reunion. I have a tenacity to stone them all. But at least I have the RCR group.Thank the Lord, I can let my fingers do the talking.!
Best reunion ever. I can't get over what a good looking, young group we all are.Thank you all for coming. You ALL made it worth the work. Now I won't know what to do with myself. Let see, maybe I can ...cook and clean house and watch TV and get some rest. BORING
I'll get a list together of all that came to the reunion and ask my side kick Dennis to please put it up on our site.
Thanks, you made me so very, very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the CD!

Aug 9 2010 - Valerie Catalano
Oh My Gosh........I am just listening to the CD you gave to us at the reunion......and, one of my favorite songs of all times is on there......It is track 6, La, La, La, I love You!!!!!!!!!  I've been trying to find this song for years!!!  You have made my whole year!!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Listening to this CD will remind me of all of you every single day!!!!!!!
Love you all,
Val  :-)

Aug 9 2010 - Valerie Catalano
Hi Everyone....
Yes.......thank you, Phil.........the music was GREAT!!!!!!!  Everyone enjoyed dancing and having a blast!!!!!  I never did get to meet your wife.....next time I will for sure.
Thanx again.....
 - Val  :-)

Aug 9 2010 - Joanne Rosato
...it was wonderful seeing you Ang. your Mom is a sweetie !!!!!! keep in touch  let's not forget Dr. Phil for the fantastic music. he put a lot of time and thought into it .. I appreciate all of his work. maybe he can dee jay part time !!!

Aug 9 2010 - Angela Bonavita
I would like to echo all the comments below.  I had a great time and I too made several new acquaintances.  I think my mom knew more of my classmates than I did.  Still in Rome, but heading back to the hot weather in Texas tomorrow.   Looking forward to the 45th also. Angela

Aug 9 2010 - Joanne Rosato
...let's not forget the one who hung up on me or the brother in Texas that put his answering machine on after they told me to call back !!!!!! LOL  if people only knew all these stories........ The important thing is seeing so many of you having a good time. God willing I will see you in five years..... As Frank Sinatra sang, The Best is Yet to Come !!!!!!!  xooxxoo   Joanne

Aug 9 2010 - Joanne Rosato
...seems like there is never enough time.. We could have hung out another hour there.. A lot of us wanted to go see Vinnie Esposito at Delta Lake Inn.. He was so pleased to see so many of his classmates came to hear him sing !!!!!!!!!!   God bless all of you and thanks for making our class reunion a big success by coming!!!!!  see you in 2015.............  Joanne

Aug 9 2010 - Joanne Rosato
Karen did the cd with her son !!!!!!!!!!  she knew everyone would love it... she also did the decorations, memory board.. we are glad all of you enjoyed it.... now we have to figure out how to top this  one !!!!!  thanks to Mary Strange,Clarence Farrier for finding people on base and other people who told us where people were.. maybe we can find 100 more next time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 9 2010 - Vito Piemonte
Thanks to everyone who had a hand into putting this reunion together.  Best one yet.  I got to see people that I have not seen in years.  Friday night was great also.  Thanks to whoever put the cd together brought back some great memories.  Thanks again to all.

Aug 9 2010 - Terri Ryan


Aug 9 2010 - Karen Facciolo
Joanne should work for the FBI or the CIA. She never gave up until she found some information on a classmate. We would talk many times a day and I was always shock at who she found and what she had to do to get it. Not a easy task!

Aug 9 2010 - Valerie Catalano
Hi Everyone.......
I feel the same way as Deb - lets do a 45th.......
I had so much fun seeing everyone again........it feels like "family"......
I love what your daughter says, Deb.......(The Class of 70 Rocks!!!!) That is so true!!!!
Love you all, Val

Aug 9 2010 - Ernie Moyer
Ditto and more kudos for the ladies who made the sacrifice to bring the reunion to fruition. I would especially like to say thank you to the "special group of ladies" and express my appreciation for your concern. MUCH LOVE, "Ernie"

Aug 9 2010 - Debbie Nash
Yeah, we looked for you to say good by but we thought you had left. It was great seeing you, made me feel like we were back in 6th grade! So much fun. 
Naw, I think we should do a 45th! Let's not wait another 10 years!! PLEASE let's go every 5 now!! Love to all. It was a great weekend, reconnecting with everybody and seeing everybody after all these years. I totally got to establish new friendships with those who I didn't really hang out with back then and it was amazing. Karen and Deb H., love you two and remember, we are going to do dinner and comedy show at the casino and other things....we have to keep in touch and enjoy each other while we can. Phil, so glad we buried the verbal hatchett and got that out of our systems! Gloria is a great person, we missed her at bowling. Rick and Terry, so happy for the two of you and hope we can do things together now that Rick is back! That's awesome! Thanks Rick for bringing a new friend into my life. 
It was tough saying goodbye to my girl Saneen and Judi. It was a sad day yesterday but so happy to see them both and spend time with them. I had the honor or hanging with Judi for 3 days, day and night and we had a blast and Jude, I love ya!! Saneen, we will be in touch. We have so much to catch up on. Ernie, what can I say?? I LOVE YOU! You're my peep. Elizabeth, Val...love you both. Great to connect with you guys too! Of course my girl Dianne B. always! So many to mention. 
Okay everybody, I will close for now. Love you all and like my daughter says "The Class of 70 Rocks!" LOL!!

Aug 8 2010 - Mary Strange
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the people involved in putting this reunion together! I do believe that Denise forgot to include a very important person in her email. Without the hard work of Joanne in locating people through phone calls, white pages, Facebook, Classmates and whatever other sources she used, many of the attendees would not have been there. I believe that everyone in one way or another helped Joanne and Karen, Dennis & Debbie make this reunion the BEST ever!  I am so glad that I chose to attend the Friday night at Bucky’s, Saturday at 12 North and Delta Lake Inn (enjoying the wonderful talent of Vinnie Espostio). What a great class-The Class of 1970!  Mary

Aug 8 2010 - Denise DiSimone
A big thank -you to you , Karen and Debbie Pugliese it was a wonderful reunion and you did a lot of work for this special weekend.  I think someone told me that Peter Kunkel made the  music CDs for everyone.  If that is so, thank -you Peter that was so thoughtful and the music is fun and uplifting.
I am so glad to have been able to visit with so many classmates that I haven't seen in  years and I think I even visited with some that I didn't know back in the day.     Denise

Aug 8 2010 - Elizabeth Rocco
Hello to everyone that went to the reunion.  Many of you are still there having brunch and bowling.  Hope you have a great day.  I just wanted to say how great it was to see everyone again. Deb Nash and Judi, I looked for you to say goodbye and couldn't find you.  :-(  I had so much fun dancing and with you.  Looking forward to our 50th!!!!!
PS- I'll be sending my pictures to Dennis to post for us.

Aug 8 2010 - Debbie DiCaprio
Hi Dennis,   Just wanted to THANK YOU for all the hard work you did to make this weekend so great.  
Bob and I had a wonderful time.   Very happy I got to meet you. Take care and keep in touch.   Hugs, Debbie

Aug 8 2010 - Joanne Rosato
First thing, I should be sleeping !!!!!!!!!! hope everyone had a grand time.. I missed talking to so many people....... I can't thank all of you enough for making the 40th our best yet... Yes, it's hard work  I quit too many times to count!!!!!!! Then I see the smiling faces of old friends connecting and new friends in the making...... That is why I enjoy calling, talking to all of you.... The reunions are not about me. It's all about you and the class of 1970 !!!!!!!!!! God bless all of you with good health, family and much happiness........  Joanne

Aug 8 2010 - Joanne Rosato
WE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE SEEMED TO HAVE  A GREAT TIME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  I can't believe I am still up........ Lord, help me sleep past 7..........   xoxoxo   -

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