Phiddley and More
cartoons,  poems, clay figures, and memories by Phil Domenico

Dr. Phil Domenico's 65th Birthday Party
NYC July 22, 2017

Phil & Glo at Phil’s 65th

Out on Cynthia’s terrace, 19 floors up

Phil sighting on the terrace

Retirement Rant: Comparing myself to Neanderthals

On my knees for my guests

Wendy and Ginny lighting the candles

Some of my dearest friends

With Ellen, my former research technician

Birthday boy and his cakes (carrot & chocolate)

Gloria with Cindy; Erin & Debbie in background

Silver foxes: Regula, Linda, Cindy & Glo

Silver foxes

A toast to retirement

Friends Laura, niece Gabby, Chris & Joyce

Friends Stanley, Ben & Linda, George & Judy

Guido and Debbie

Retirement Rant: Giving credit where credit’s due

Mid-town Manhattan at night

More silver foxes

An Intrepid sighting on the Hudson River from the terrace

Steve & Martie, a long-time friend of Cynthia’s (the hostess)

Phil & Deb, my Central Park Conservancy (CPC) buddy

Joyce from Fishkill, who took many of these photos

Guido, Linda & Ben, and George (all Gloria’s buddies)

Phil and Phyllis, our neighbor upstairs

Phil sighting, with Laura, Ben and Cynthia