Ellie Krupowicz

I went to Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY, for two years.  I started with computer programming and ended with secretarial science.  I ran out of money before I received a degree. From 1972 to 1974, I worked as a clerk in the Rome Hospital emergency room.  After my mother died, I moved to Kingston, NY and started working for the Social Security Administration.  In 1976, I moved to Atlanta, GA for seven years and worked for the Centers for Disease Control.  In 1983, I moved to Oklahoma City to be near family (my brother Tom lived there with his wife and two kids).  In 1985, they divorced so I moved back to Atlanta.  While in OKC, I met the guy who I'm still living with.  From 1989 to 1997, we lived in Savannah.  In 1989, Hurricane Hugo was targeted for the Savannah-Charleston, SC area, and then a couple years later, I think it was Hurricane Fran we had to run from.  To avoid the stress of hurricanes, the stink of the paper mill, and to enjoy the four seasons, we moved here (Winston-Salem, NC) in 1997.  I bought my first house in 2008 so we'll be staying here for a while.  I visit my sister and her family near Boston often, and I try to make a trip to the Adirondacks every year.  (Oh, and I never had any kids.)

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