Dennis Parrish
(updated Feb. 8, 2016)
den grade 9
ninth grade
with children Corey and Krista 2005
with fiance Maria 2009

I was born in Rome, NY on Griffiss Air Force Base in 1952 in the hospital that was formerly on the grounds where the new RFA is now.   I lived on the base in two different housing areas - Air City until age 9, and Skyline Terrace at age 10.

While in Air City, I attended Bell Road Elementary School (currently named Jerry C. Clough Elementary) from kindergarten through fourth grade.  When I lived in Skyline Terrace, I attended Bellamy Elementary for most of fifth grade.

When my dad retired from the Air Force, we moved less than a mile from the base into Tuxedo Trailer Park.  I then attended the rest of fifth grade and all of sixth grade at Columbus Elementary.  This is where I met Phil Domenico, Susan Sutter, Candy Knudsen, Bob DiCaprio, Jo Ann Gotti, Joanne Dandino, Mark Tagliaferri, Dennis Ceklovsky, Jimmy VanDresar, Dianne Bartolotti, and Paul Andrews - all of whom have connections to RCR.

I continued on to Staley Junior High for seventh, eighth, and about a week or two in ninth grade.  We also moved from Tuxedo to Acchino's Trailer Park for my last year in Rome, which is behind Bucky's on Floyd Avenue.

I moved from Rome in 1966 just after starting 9th grade at Staley when my dad got a new job in Philadelphia, PA and I have lived in this area since.

When I moved I kept in touch with friends from Staley, but as the years passed, keeping in touch faded with many with the exception of my best friend Jimmy Peterson.

I always had a passion for music and started playing guitar at age 12.  I taught myself a lot of popular rock for the next 8 years by listening to records.  But at age 20, I heard an album by the world's most known classical guitarist Andres Segovia which changed my musical direction.  I got serious, took classical guitar lessons, and began college as a music major at age 24.

I was married in 1979 and divorced in 1995.  My ex and I have always remained friendly.  We have two very musically talented children - Krista age 30 and Corey who sadly died after his 21st birthday in 2008. I'll never quite get used to typing that.   Their websites are here:

In 1990, though I had never attended RFA as a high school student, I wrote to John Mastrangelo and asked if I could attend RFA's 20 year reunion.  I knew I would be able to see old friends from Staley.  I attended and had a great time which continued throughout that weekend.  I mostly hung out with Val Catalano and Liz Rocco at the reunion and later that weekend.

I have currently been working in the computer field as a systems analyst and have been in the computer field in different capacities since 1989.

I played in a few bands along the way, but I'd have to say one of my most memorable musical moments was being picked as a volunteer to sing "Ebony and Ivory" in a live performance seated right next to Stevie Wonder at the Valley Forge Music Fair December 4, 1983.  You can read the whole story at this link:

Music is still a passion for me and I often play in my daughter Krista's band in and around the Philadelphia area.  I compose music now and then which can be heard on my website and internet radio:

Any and every song I've written is available to anyone in RCR in MP3 format at no cost if you email me and tell me the title.  If you'd prefer a CD, that is fine too and also free to RCR members.

I married my current wife Maria June 20, 2013 after a very long immigration process which began in May 2009.  With that marriage have come two beautiful daughters - Airish 22 and Maricriz 18.  We are still trying to have Maria's son Mark, age 24,  come to the U.S permanently.

I am thrilled to have reconnected with my Roman friends and to also meet some I hadn't known back in the day, but feel mighty close to them now!

background music - a mostly instrumental version of "Shape of My Heart", a Sting song

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