Terri Ann Gorczyca
1951 - 2002
Terri chose a more traditional path in life.  While many of us were going to college or getting jobs, Teri married and raised a family.  She was a homemaker and stay at home mom until her 3 boys were grown enough to be on their own. She then worked part time in a local restaurant in Canonsburg, Pa. where her family made their home.  This still afforded her a bulk of her time to take care of her family and do charitable work.  Teri was instrumental in organizing her neighbors to hold a "Christmas in July" event.  On the cul-de-sac where she lived, the residents would decorate as for Christmas and do a fund raiser for an organization in need such as a women's shelter where she volunteered.  Teri died unexpectedly in 2002. - Georgann Wakulik

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