Michael Boulanger
1952 - 2009

I had known Mike since elementary school.  I had been to his house on the corner of Sherman Ave. and Linden Street and met his parents and his younger siblings, Paul and Jane.  His dad worked at Sears Roebuck and his mom was a stay-at-home mom.  Mike was a nice guy and always made me laugh.  When I saw him at the 30th reunion, he reminded me that we went on a date to the movies.  I think he and Chuck Halpin were my companions to and from Fort Stanwix Elementary School.  I lost track of him after he moved out of the neighborhood until we were in high school.  Our paths crossed when he worked at Loblaw's with my best friends, Camille Iannotti and Patty Smith.  At the 30th reunion, he said he had been doing some acting and that he had a walk-on part in a movie with Bruce Willis.  I will miss his hugs and smiling face. - Ellie Krupowicz 

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I had my locker near Mark Boerger and Mike Boulanger.  Mike was always cheerful and between the both of them we had some good laughs.   Mike wrote in my yearbook 'May the bird of paradise perch on your bippie and oh what a sweet bippie you have' - Angela Bonavita
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Mike had a heart of gold too..... seems to be a trait with many of the class of 1970. Mike would always go out of his way to help others. He loved his family and did all he could for them. Mike was just a good guy with a ready smile and a great sense of humor! He is missed by those who knew him. - Walt Kapinos
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Michael with the infectious smile.Throughout the years I would run into Mike at craft fairs. He used to make incredible country pieces out of wood.  Every fall I put up a Country Duck decoration that he made. It never failed, when I ran into him we would giggle like two school kids. And how could I forget, the time he came over to my house to help with the 30Th Reunion. He was so helpful; he made so many phone calls from his cell. That night he presented each of the girls wooden pins he made. What a wonderful guy!

Smiling is infectious.
You can catch it like the flu.
When someone smiled at me today,
I immediately thought of you.

Love you, miss you,
Karen (Facciolo) Cocccagnia
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Michael G. Boulanger, age 56, of Rome, died suddenly May 17, 2009.

He was born July 5, 1952, in Newport, Vermont, a son of George and Madeleine Trotier Boulanger, and graduated from Rome Free Academy in 1970, Utica School of Commerce and Empire State College. Mike was employed as a recreational therapist at Central New York DSO, and received the “Employee of the year award” in 1976. He was a member of the Mt. Zion Ministries.

Mike was an avid wood crafter. He participated in many craft shows and made many friends along the way. Mike had a passion for the entertainment and movie industry, and worked as an “extra” in movies and soap operas, filmed in New York City. He was a member of the Screen Actors Guild, where he met many famous and known actors and actresses. He was an avid traveler and Cruise enthusiast and for years arranged Cruise excursions for hundreds of fellow State employees, cruising to several countries around the world.

Michael is survived two sons, Jason and Adam, and foster children, Scott Ryan and Nick Rose, all of Rome; his father and step-mother, George and Nancy Boulanger of Rome; a sister and brother in law, Jane and Ron Barnes of South Lake; a brother and sister in law, Paul and Jennifer Boulanger of Rome; a niece and two nephews, Sara Boulanger, Paul Boulanger and Dan LaGasse; aunts, uncles, cousins and many special friends; and his two dogs, Barkley and Mackenzie. He was predeceased by his mother, Madeleine.

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