Jimmy Peterson
1951 - 2009
On Saturday morning, August 7, 2010, very early, I shared an unexpected and heartfelt moment in time with Rich Peluso as we paid homage to our close friend Jimmy Peterson.  Rich and I were both in town for the 40th RFA class reunion.
     I first picked Rich up at the Quality Inn and before getting in my car, he grabbed a portable CD player out of his vehicle along with 8 batteries necessary to use it without an outlet.  He had a CD with him and when we got to the cemetery, we walked around looking for Jimmyís stone which we found in just a few short minutes.  Without hesitation, Rich placed the CD in the deck and we stood, stared, and listened.  In seconds, I had a lump in my throat.  Not a word was uttered as we listened. What a beautiful song, and so appropriate.  When the song was finished, we both had trouble talking as I know we were both on the verge of just breaking down, but fighting it as we guys often do.  Thank you RichÖ. Iíll never forget that morning with you.
     Hopefully you are able to hear the song as you visit this pageÖ. ďMy Old FriendĒ by Tim McGraw.
     Jimmy Peterson was my best friend from Rome, NY.  When I moved in 1966, I kept in touch with many by phone and postal mail, but as lives moved on, I lost touch with many with the exception of Jim.  I visited Rome now and then thoughout the years and always went straight to Jimís store or house each time. When Jim began a family with Patty Ott, it was beautiful and forever.  Jim was a great partner and father and one of his greatest qualities was the way he encouraged and complimented people.  He was always upbeat and never spoke negatively about people.  I love and miss Jim very much and regret that he never saw the RCR site as he passed away March 27 2009. He would have loved reading about all of you. - Dennis Parrish
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I have been thinking for quite some time about putting some words down on Jim's memorial page.  It has taken me a while because sometimes words are not adequate.  There are some rare times in our lives when we know someone so special that we instantly feel blessed to have known them.  That is the way I feel about Jim Peterson.  I met Jim when I was only 13 years old (Thanks to Dennis for introducing us).   I was so incredibly shy and he was the first boy that I ever had a crush on.  I would see him walk in the halls of Staley and sometimes he would smile at me and I would get all embarrassed.  He was also very shy so it was a bit awkward between us.  As time went by, we began talking and then falling in love.  I know that it is hard to imagine real love at 13, however, we did truly love one another.  He was my first boyfriend, the first boy that I ever kissed and we were together for 2 years, which is a lifetime when you are 13-15 years old.  We shared a lot of things together.  I loved the way he cared about me and always put me first.  He had a loving and giving spirit.  Our relationship ended when I was 15, due to my own immaturity.  As they say, you never know what you have until it is gone.  I thought about Jim many times over the years and always felt regret that I wasn't kinder to him in the end.  He always forgave me for my foolishness.  That is the person that he was.  Many years later, after I had been married and had my children, I ran into Jim.  I was in the process of separating from my husband.  I gave him my phone number and he called and we talked on the phone for most of the night.  We had an amazing talk and he told me things that I never knew and it broke my heart.  He told me that when I got married to Jim Glover, he went to the church and was parked outside and was going to run in and steal me from the church so that I wouldn't marry Jim!  It made me laugh but I also know that he meant it.  He said in the end he couldn't do it.  I wonder what would have happened.  He probably would have saved me from the mistake that my marriage ended up being.  We never spoke again after that conversation and I don't really remember why.  I was so happy to hear later in life that he was happily married to a wonderful woman and had a beautiful family.  He deserved to have that life.  We all have a path that we travel in our lives and I am so grateful that Jim was a big part of my journey.  He will always have a very special place in my heart.  He is missed and loved by everyone that knew him.      Elizabeth (Rocco) Premo
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March 29, 2012 - It has been 3 years this week Jim since you said goodbye to us.  I remember our last conversation.  Not much was said, in fact, we were both quite choked up for a few minutes. I never knew anyone to feel and share one's pain like you did.  I love and miss you so much, the laughs, the visits....  I'm looking forward to seeing you again my friend!
Dennis Parrish

June 30, 2012 - Visiting my dear friend today
Miss you Jim

May 18 2014 -  I am SO HAPPY!!!!! My parents bought me my first electric guitar in 1964. Two years later I sold it so I could purchase a different guitar. Right after that my mom died and 10 years later my dad was killed in a car accident. I went back to my hometown of Rome, NY in 2008 where I was reunited with the person who originally bought the guitar, Jim Peterson, through and old friend by the name of John Genovese. This picture is the night I saw the guitar that I hadnít seen since I was 16. It was some night and I couldnít believe I was holding it! Three years later I found out the Jim had passed away. I was very saddened to hear the news, as he was really nice and gracious to let me come over that late night. We had such a wonderful time reminiscing about the old days, our dads, and the guitar history we shared.  Fast forward to this past weekÖ. I get a call from John Genovese. Heís says, ďDave; I bought your Silvertone. This guitar should belong to you since it was your first and from your parents. I hope Iím not out of line, no pressure, but if you want it Iíll send it to you.Ē   I said YES! Iíll Take it!!!!!  Itís going to arrive here on May 22nd.  Canít believe that Iíll finally have something that was from my parents since I donít have anything from them!!!!!

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