Jeff Kuzma
1951 - ?

Jeff and I would walk home from least part way since my walk was a lot further.  He would sometimes walk with me as far as Staley so that we could talk.  He was smart, deep, and always made fun of me for being a cheerleader.  :-)  And, he had the most incredible blue eyes.... - Susan Spadafora

Jeff was a gifted guy, who could forge knives, dismantle motorcycles, and play a mean recorder. Jeff joined the radical fringe and was "hip" many years before his peers. A lack of confidence and low frustration tolerance kept him on the fringe as well. He compensated for it with a love for speed, which eventually took his life. - Phil Domenico
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Totally dark.  Totally cool.  Someone in my  classes who I wanted to know but was afraid to approach. - Karen Kulecz

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