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How did the RCR group form and evolve?

Well, I've said Phil Domenico was responsible, and Phil has said I am responsible. Actually we both are.  But if it hadn't been for an incident in 5th grade where the principal, Mr. Whalen, made Phil and me push pencils across the floor with our noses, I would have never reconnected with Phil.  I never attended RFA because I moved from Rome in 1966 during the first week of ninth grade.  I first contacted and reconnected with Phil via Facebook in April 2009.  We reminisced a bit back and forth about some experiences at Columbus Elementary.  But on June 10, 2009, Phil had sent me the Columbus 5th grade class picture.  Phil and I went back and forth seeing how many names we could remember.  This, in my opinion, was the catalyst which began the RCR group.  From reconnecting with a few Romans in the last 10 or so years, I had email addresses of Susan Sutter, Candy Knudsen, and Dennis Ceklovsky (all from that 5th grade class), so I copied them on the emails.  They joined in with helping to name the students of the class.  Soon after, I copied Denise Desimone, whom I had also found via Facebook this year.  She was not in that 5th grade class picture, but I was in her class in 6th grade and thought she would also know some names from the 5th grade picture.  Eventually, there was a 1st grade picture emailed to me and we all started to name the students from that one also.  Debbie Durgan, Valerie Catalano, and Debbie Hall were copied soon afterwards on these emails and more reminiscing began, not just with elementary, but with junior high and RFA.  I don't remember the entire order of those email addresses that got added, but the group continued to grow.  Sometime in October or November 2009, Debbie Hall referred to this group as the RCR (Roman Cyber Reunion) and the name stuck.  The RFA class has now had its 40 year reunion and I know those  that attended collectively agree it was the best ever !. - Dennis Parrish

Below are some of the earliest email exchanges while labeling the 5th and 1st grade Columbus Elementary  pictures.  There were 6 of us and  no official "RCR" yet.

From: Susan Sutter
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2009 9:12 AM
To: Dennis Parrish
Cc: Mark Tagliaferri; Philip Domenico; Denise Desimone; Candy Knudsen; Dennis Ceklovsky
Subject: Re: First Grade Picture updated 

I remember square dancing very well. Dennis are you saying you didn't like to dance??? I'll take that over swim class in RFA, I hated that, you swim suit stretched 2 sizes larger as soon as the water hit it......

I am 95% sure that #21 is not Paul Andrews, no way...... Plus, 23 is extremely familiar and I'm trying to figure out his name. I found quite a few of my old report cards to see who signed them. You guys I don't believe engaged in that but we girls did.

Hey Mark, do you remember how you would sign your name? Mark J. Tag -cute.

I'll think on #'s 21 and 23 and if I can remember will let you know.....Just hearing all these names is bringing back a lot of memories.


From: Dennis Parrish
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2009 8:10 PM
To: Mark Tagliaferri; Philip Domenico; Denise Desimone; Candy Knudsen; Dennis Ceklovsky
Subject: Re: First Grade Picture updated 

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 8:10 PM, Dennis Parrish wrote:

Hey Mark, thanks for that update (revision attached).  I hope the rest of your trip there was good.  Iíll update the picture.

Also Mark, you and I were paired off in gym class during the wrestling segment because we were about the same height and weight. From memory, I think I lost every match.  Our gym teacher was a thin guy, had dirty blonde hair in a brush cut or flat top as it was called back in the day, and he had a German accent.  Iíd never remember his name though.

And who remembers square dancing in gym?  Iíll never quite understand how that ever fit in anywhere in school.

I once called Mr. Bowler when I was in my 20s visiting Rome.  I think we talked for about an hour.  Back then, both Mr. Bowler and Mrs. Collins came to my house to visit and try to get me on a better track.  Thatís unheard of today, as is being held back a grade. 

Just got an update from Phil while typing this, so I revised the pic again.  Iím still questioning Cleo.  Paul changed a lot too.  Thanks Phil !

From: Mark Tagliaferri
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009 7:41 PM
To: Dennis Parrish; 'Philip Domenico' Mark Tagliaferri; Philip Domenico; Denise Desimone; Candy Knudsen; Dennis Ceklovsky
Subject: Re: First Grade Picture updated

I am also unable to recognize Janice? The person listed as # 10 in the 1st grade picture is not me. I was in Ms. Murphy's 1st grade class. From the looks of Ms. Siefert I think I'm glad! I was in Rome over the weekend and talked to Ms. Murphy's cousin. Apparently she never married, lived her entire life with her sister. Both of whom have now passed from cancer. Sorry you have to continue your quest now for #10!

Hope you are all well and happy


From: Dennis Parrish
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2009 6:19 PM
To: Mark Tagliaferri; Philip Domenico; Denise Desimone; Candy Knudsen; Dennis Ceklovsky

Subject: First Grade Picture updated 

WOW !!  This is priceless !!  OK, Iíll do the red dot numbered thing again. See the attached picture. And tell me if I have any of them wrong.  Help me out here Phil Ė Iím not even sure I have YOU correct here.  What # is Paul Andrews? 

I was only in Columbus in the second half of fifth grade and all of sixth grade. 

Hey Phil, Iím wondering about Cleo Valentine Ė I knew him pretty well and Iím not noticing anyone resembling him in this picture.  Also, when I was in eighth grade, Cleo was in seventh.  I guess he could have failed a grade. 

Anyone else feel free to chime in.

From: Philip Domenico
Sent: Sunday, June 14, 2009 5:43 PM
To: Dennis Parrish; Denise Desimone; Susan Sutter; Candy Knudsen; Mark Tagliaferri; Dennis Ceklovsky
Subject: RE: Updated picture - down to one name maybe 

here's my 1st grade class photo.
this is ms. seiffert's class.
common faces to the 5th grade picture include (from bottom left):
dianne bartolotti, joann gotti, janice?, mark tagliaferri, linda salamonowicz, joann dandino, bobby dicaprio, phil domenico, and paul andrews.  others that i can identify are (from bottom left):
susan spadafora, frances gotti, woody robinson, cleo valentine, tommy cianfrocco, marvin?, laverne turner. i believe there's also a craig ? to the left of marky t.

btw, i'm the good lookin' one.





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